The Agua Difference

We are a private swim school that offers high quality private swim lessons for children at our clients’ homes throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have found that by teaching children swimming in their own pool the learning process is fast-tracked. In addition to this, kids flourish and learn more in a comfortable and supportive environment such as the one they have at home. Agua also helps you save time & money by bringing the swimming instructor to you! 

Your Pool. Your Instructor

Agua employs highly qualified instructors that are experienced, knowledgable and fully accredited. We find our clients see much faster results than other swim schools because kids are learning in their own environment with highly qualified Agua trainers.  With Agua you get the maximum possible value for your time & money. Learning at home helps create a supportive environment for your child and helps them learn at their own pace. There’s also fewer distractions and allows us to instill strong safety practices.

Why You Should Choose Agua


At Agua LearnToSwim, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a convenient and pragmatic solution to their early childhood swimming education dillemma. We are a convenient, flexible and innovative way for your children to learn to swim.  At-home swim lessons are the perfect option for time-poor parents who want their children to learn in their home environment. 


Sick of loading up the car, sitting through traffic to get to the local pool then having to shower the kids in the change-rooms before heading back home? We take the hassle out of your children learning how to swim. By having an Agua Instructor come to you, we are saving you time, money & stress normally brought on by the usual visit to the pool.  We operate 7 days a week at a convenient time that suits you. Our lessons are available for 30, 45 or 60 minutes and for ages 6 months to 12 years.


We pride ourselves on being the experts in beginner swim lessons for children. Learning a new skill can be stressful for your kids. That makes learning to swim in the comfort of their own environment the perfect option. One-on-one & small group settings means you see much quicker results than with other schools. As well as develop correct stroke technique, strength, coordination and speed. 

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