Tips For Getting Your Pool Summer Ready For Swimming Lessons

The warmer days make your swimming pool more inviting, especially if your pool is clean and well-equipped.

There is a high chance your pool has had little use over the cooler months. While it may have been protected from dirt and debris by a pool cover, your average pool could benefit from some attention before the summer season arrives.

Don’t wait until the day of your child’s first Agua swim lesson, follow these tips for getting your pool ready for summer!

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Keep your kids safe with a clean pool

Check Your Pool Pump

Before you get started on cleaning your pool, check your pump’s working order. You’ll want to check there are no cracks and that the filtration system is working optimally. If you’re are unsure of how well it is operating, it’s worthwhile engaging a pool team to repair or replace any damaged hardware for safe and efficient use.

Give Your Pool A Really Good Clean

Before the swimming season kicks into gear, spend the time to clean your swimming pool thoroughly. This can be done with a robotic cleaner but if you what an in-depth clean, it’s best to brush and vacuum the surfaces by hand so that you can get to all the difficult to reach spots.

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Clean Out The Skimmer Box & Filter

During the winter months, the skimmer basket will likely have accumulated a fair amount of debris. A clogged filter will prevent your pool water from flowing out freely and will also cause your pump to wear out.

Test Your Chemicals

Balancing your pool’s chemicals is important to keep it safe for swimming throughout the summer. The chemicals should be checked at the start of the season and every two weeks thereafter. If you’re unsure of the appropriate levels, get your pool maintenance team in or speak to a professional at your local pool shop.

You should be testing the following before you dive in:

  • Chlorine
  • Alkalinity
  • pH
  • Stabiliser level
  • Calcium Hardness

Safety Check

If your pool area has sat unused over winter, it’s important you check your safety equipment. This includes that all pool fences and gates are in working order. Make sure any chemicals or equipment that could pose a danger to kids is stored away correctly.

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Start Swimming

Once your pool is all set, contact us to book your next Agua LearnToSwim lesson. Remember, we don’t just teach kids, we also teach NDIS, teens, adults and seniors. So why wait, give us a call today on 0451 837 662.

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