Swimming – A Skill For Life

Do you want your child to learn a new skill? Starting swimming from a young age can benefit them for the rest of their lives.


As a parent, it can be confusing to decide which skills your child should learn early in life. Research has shown that swimming can improve your kid’s cognitive development and aptitude. It also helps reduce the risk of drowning, improve their confidence, build muscles, improve coordination and balance, improve sleep patterns, improve appetite, and enhance mental development.

Why Agua?

When it comes to your child beginning their swim journey, hiring an amazing instructor to teach them in the best possible learning environment is always advisable. In the hustle & bustle of the modern world, many parents can’t manage to send their kids to swimming classes due to being time-poor. That’s where we come in! We are a private swim school that offers high quality private swim lessons for children at our clients’ homes throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have found that by teaching children swimming in their own pool the learning process is fast-tracked. In addition to this, kids flourish and learn more in a comfortable and supportive environment such as the one they have at home.

Value For Money

Swimming is something that is best taught in a private or semi-private environment for fast-tracked results. With our private swimming lessons, your kid will get proper instructions and learn this valuable skill faster. For us, what’s more important than teaching is ensuring the safety of your child. Our instructors are professional, skilled, and well-trained.

Free Trial

We bring private kids swim instructors to you! Forget about loading up the car and wasting time driving to and from the local pool. All you need is a pool at your residence or apartment in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. For more information or to lock in a free 30min assessment for your child, feel free to contact us here.

Swimming – A Skill For Life

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