The Importance of Early Childhood Swim Lessons

Children, they grow and learn fast. They are curious and adaptive. You waited 9 whole months to see their faces, squish their cheeks, and shower them with all of your love. Your one goal is to keep them safe while giving them the best life that you can provide. At Agua LearntoSwim we are here to help make sure your baby is safe whilst they learn to swim.


Early childhood swimming is crucial to your child’s development. We offer in-home swim lessons to children as early as 6 months, as we believe in starting their relationship with water as soon as possible. Safety! Water safety is important for all ages. Kids are naturally curious. Unfortunately, we cannot control everything they do, but what we can do is help equip them with the best tools to navigate life. Teaching a child water safety at a young age will help instill important rules for in and around the water, as it is imperative for them to understand the danger it can impose.


We recommend starting their lessons early on, as this can help eliminate developing a fear to water. Research shows children develop fear between 10 months and 2 years of age. Introducing swimming lessons immediately will help your child respond positively to the situation. It is beneficial to look into starting their swim lessons, as is it is easier to teach swimming when an underlying fear hasn’t been established.

Skill Building

Swimming is a fundamental survival skill. It is important for all caregivers to ensure that children learn how to properly behave and enjoy the water safely! At Agua LearntoSwim we take pride in our tailored lessons targeted for children, with our highly qualified Agua swimming instructors, we teach confidence that resonates not only deep within the ocean or while floating within a pool, but also in other areas of life. Moreover, we will establish an awareness of how to stay focused, which will develop an overall ability to follow directions.

Get Started

At Agua LearntoSwim, we want to give your tiny tots a future filled with water adventures, and that starts with a foundation of water safety from the very beginning. We hope to visit you and your curious little ones soon enough! Book your Free 30 minute trial session at your pool in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

The Importance of Early Childhood Swim Lessons
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